Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace with the support of our team, working in accordance with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and the Every Child Matters curriculum, as well as the Mary Sheridan stages of development when working with children who have special education needs. 

We pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive approach as we believe that children should be provided with resources and learning experiences that they may not have access to at home, in keeping with the cultural capital approach as well as the fundamental British values, although we rather use the term "our values" to ensure that children feel valued and appreciated for recognising and celebrating their own personal and cultural differences.

It is our policy to encourage children to be independent from a very early age, by allowing and encouraging them to feed themselves as soon as they begin to eat solid foods.  We also remove dummies and bottles and encourage self-soothing, and promote drinking from a beaker to prevent delayed speech development.

It is our mission to support all children to develop, and ensure that their educational and welfare needs are met to a high standard to make sure that they are confident to transition to mainstream school. 

We don’t just support the child, we support the family too, by working in partnership with parents and carers and other education and health care professionals involved, to ensure the best possible start in life for all of our children.

Our drive


The 3 I’s


Intent – Implement – Impact


Who is going to benefit? What do we want to achieve? how are we going to do it? where and when do we want to acheive the outcome?

When you admire a butterfly, you dont judge it by how high it flies